2013 Sponsors

2013 presented another exciting raffle during the AstroFeast.  We wish to acknowledge the sponsors who have contributed both to the raffle and other items to Astrofest in general.


Major Sponsors


AstroShop.com.au provided the following two prizes:

10 inch Sky-Watcher dob RRP $825

Custom Observers Pack including the classic 8 x 42 Vixen New Foresta binocular, Atlas of the Southern Night Sky revised 3rd edition, Red light torch and Star Wheel, total list price $420


Advanced Telescope Supplies has donated a SBIG STi colour planetcam autoguider (List $899)




Stary Night Education

Discount voucher for Argo Navis

$200 Voucher

2x 1-year subscriptions for raffle prizes; and 200 back issues for registration packs

$50 voucher towards their scope covers

2x $50 Vouchers

4 books

Astrovisuals (prize to be announced)

$99 Voucher

 Astro Pete's has been the home of many Astrofest Committee meetings.


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