Gondwana Telescopes

Gondwana Telescopes is the creation of long time amateur astronomer Alexander Massey. Alex has been a keen visual observer since he got his first little 2" refractor over thirty years ago. He has also had a passion for visual art, and astronomy and art found a natural partnership with Alex who's greatest passion within visual astronomy is astrononical sketching.

The legacy left by the late John Dobson has given amateur astronomers access to telescope apertures once limited to professional astronomers.

Gondwana Telescopes is born out of 30 years of using telescopes in Australia, and 20 years building them. Rutted roads, humid coast, dry interior, close encounters with wildlife on the road, dust – all experiences that have led to the creation of a line of ultralight telescopes that has the protection of the primary mirror at its core.

Today, Gondwana Telescopes offers a line of telescopes that meets these same compact stowed criteria, an accurate assembled instrument, and one with smooth actions, utilising some of the finest light weight components available.

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