Astro Pete's Cafe & Telescopes

Astro Pete's

Astro Pete's Cafe & Telescopes retails a wide variety of telescopes and NASA memorabilia, holds regular telescope viewing nights and also has a fantastic cafe which provides food and excellent coffee.

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Starlight Instruments

Starlight Instruments are makers of fine focusers and telescope adapters of all kinds.

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Amateur Telescope Makers Qld

This dedicated groups of specialists have been crafting unique instruments for many decades.

For more information: Bob Grimes or Laurie Billman.

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ExtraVision Australia

ExtraVision are retail, wholesale importers and distributors of optical products and associated accessories. They sell and repair Binoculars, Telescope, Microscopes, Rifle Scopes, Night Vision, Underwater Cameras and more. Hundreds of products are available on their website and through their resellers. 


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Gama Electronics

QHY Cameras represent excellent value for money. They produce outstanding results, are very rugged and well built. A diverse selection of models and use, including Astronomy, Medical, Industrial. Ongoing development and design, plus driver support updates.

The QHY cameras have proven themselves in the field by both Amateurs and Pro's alike. They are currently used in Scientific, Medical, and Production Indusrty with high reliability. Advanced features normally found in cameras many times their price, yet targeted at the low to mid range price.


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