One of the highlights of Queensland Astrofest is the quality of speakers who present interesting and often challenging talks on their areas of expertise.

Over recent years we have been entertained and informed by such luminaries as:

  • Professor Brian Schmidt (now Nobel Laureate)
  • Professor Charley Lineweaver
  • Professor David Wiltshire
  • Dr Tamara Davis
  • Dr Fred Watson
  • David Malin
  • Anthony Wesley


Astrofest 2017

This year our main speaker Terry Lovejoy will be talking about comet-hunting through the new time of the AstroFeast, being trialled as a lunch this year, on Saturday 26th August.

Terry has discovered 6 comets, the latest being C/2017 E4.

We will also have a speaker on the first weekend 19/20 August, featuring the return of Dr. Jonathan Horner from the University of Southern Queensland. Details to follow.



Astrofest 2015

This year our Guest Speaker is Dr Jonathan (Jonti) Horner, Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow, from the University of Southern Queensland. We are delighted to welcome Jonti. He will be speaking at 2pm on Saturday, 15 August in Hamilton Hall.

Unusually for us, Jonti is an experienced amateur astronomer having joined a club back in his hometown in the UK when he was only eight years old. It is a real treat to have someone who knows what is going on down the eyepiece.


Astrofest 2014

Our Guest Speaker was Dr Stephen Marsden from the University of Southern Queensland. He spoke on 20th July, in Hamilton Hall. The topic of his talk was: "Bcool: Observing Magnetic Fields on Sun-like Stars".

Other speakers during the week included: Dr Liam Carroll, Dr Glen Cozens, Alexander Massey and Michael Tubby. Michael Tubby spoke on the Terrestrial Planets. Dr Glen Cozens talked about Discovering Bright Southern Deep-Sky Objects. Alexander Massey ran two workshops. The first was Astronomical Sketching and the second one was on Observing Tips. On the morning of Saturday, 26th July, Alexander talked about his Gondwana Telescope. Finally, on the afternoon of Saturday, 26th July, we heard Dr Liam Carroll speak about The Sounds of the Stars.  



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