Getting there

Queensland Astrofest is held at the Lions Camp Duckadang, north of Linville.  The following map will help you get there.

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Queensland Astrofest Overview

The Queensland Astrofest has been the major star party in Queensland since its inception in 1993, and is open to all amateur astronomers. It is convened by the South East Queensland Astronomical Society, the Brisbane Astronomical Society, the Astronomical Association of Queensland, the Amateur Telescope Makers of Queensland, the Southern Astronomical Society, and in 2013 we were delighted to welcome another local astronomy club, Star Gayzers, to take part in Queensland Astrofest and to inject some new energy into the event.


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Astrofest Etiquette

Queensland Astrofest is a great opportunity to observe in clear dark skies and mix with fellow astronomers.
The following rules have been prepared to help ensure a pleasant and successful camp for all.

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The Queensland Astrofest Clubs

Queensland Astrofest is organised by six astronomy clubs in South-east Queensland.  See below for information about these clubs.

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Current Committee

The Queensland Astrofest is managed each year by a dedicated group of volunteers. The current committee members are:

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