Astrofest Raffle 2017

The raffle has been a regular event at Queensland Astrofest for many years, and its operation has changed little in all those years.  

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Astrofest 2017

Astrofest 2017 was held at Lions Camp Duckadang near Linville, between Friday, 18th August and Sunday, 27th August 2017


Key dates



Astrofeast cost $14 per person this year, and following feedback from attendees with be a lunch this year.  Dinner can be purchased on the last Saturday as per any other night (see below).

Lunches and Dinners can be pre-ordered during registration for $10 per meal, but Duckadang will invoice you directly (QAF makes no profit from the sale of lunches and dinners, and does not handle the financial transactions). Individual meals will be available at the event if you have not ordered - contact the Duckadang staff for details.

Breakfasts will not be available. 



The prices for the 2017 Qld Astrofest were as follows.

Registrant Type Early Bird Price
Per Night
Normal Price
Per Night
Adult $27 $30
Pensioner $24 $27
Child (6-16) $21 $21
Infants (under 6) Free Free

Early bird registration closes  17th June 2017.

For those who prefer to submit a manual registration: 


Getting there


Erwin van der Velden Astro-Photo Competition Rules

Please note that rules for the astrophotography competition have changed.  Please read them here, noting particularly the change to submission dates.



For information about our speakers, please see the Speakers page.










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