ZWO ASI1600MC-C Cooled Colour

BinTel have donated a ZWO ASI1600MC-C Cooled astronomy camera which features the largest sensor yet in their camera range. Resolution of 4656 x 3520 @ 3.8uM pixel size provides an imaging size of 21.9mm across the diagonal measurement of the sensor.

This allows a large area of sky to be captured with good resolution on short focal length telescopes (or even with moderate focal length camera lenses). Connection to your computer is by fast USB3.0.

The ASI1600MC-C now also features 2x USB2.0 OUT ports that support the use of ZWO’s new electric filterwheel or other low current USB devices such as focusers or rotators.


ZWO ASI1600MC-C Cooled Astronomy CameraASI1600MM-C



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