2012 Sponsors

We are grateful to the following sponsors who supported us in 2012


2012 Major Sponsors

Skywatcher 12" Flextube Dobsonian with Astrozap shroud, value $1900

6 separate prizes with a total value of $1200:
AC&F camera guide mount bracket for Meade ETX 105 and other scopes
Lumicon Newtonian & Refractor 1.25-inch Easy guider
Lumicon 4-way 2-inch Filter selector with optional low-profile T-thread adaptor
VIXEN – Classic (made in Japan) GA-4 Illuminated Guiding Reticule Adaptor
Atlas of the Southern Night Sky plus Sky-Watcher Red light torch
Vixen 7 x 50 classic waterproof binocular

Lady's Luna watch, value $750



Sponsors 2012

Star Atlas Pro

NASA memorabilia

Protective cases - 1 large, 1 medium

Protective cases - 2

2x 1-year subscriptions for raffle prizes; and 200 back issues for registration packs

Moon maps and astro-calendars, eclipse shades and some DVDs


4 books

$100 voucher for their products

$50 voucher towards their scope covers

2x $50 Vouchers

$99 Voucher

$200 Voucher


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