Telegizmos Discount Voucher

Telegizmos have donated a $50 voucher towards any of their scope covers


Earth: Evolution of a Habitable World 2nd Edition

Cambridge University Press have donated this new book by Jonathan I. Lunine


Deep-Sky Companions: Southern Gems

Cambridge University Press have donated 4 copies of Stephen James O'Meara's latest book.


The Cosmos: Astronomy in the New Millennium 4th Edition

Cambridge University Press have donated this fascinating exploration of the cosmos by Jay M. Pasachoff and Alex Filippenko.


FlexPod Pro Gripper mini tripod camera mount

Astro Shop have donated this convenient, take anywhere flexible mini camera platform with aluminiun-core wrap around legs.

With quick release mounting plate and versatile ball head you can wrap the amazing tripod legs around a pole or thin tree branch to obtain just about any angle.

Features uniquely designed aluminum-core legs which can wrap around any suitable object providing a versatile mounting solution for your DSLR or compact camera. The triangular segmented legs provide gripping teeth so the mount won't slip. By straightening them out it also becomes a conventional table-top tripod.

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