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Skywatcher Eyepiece Kit

Skywatcher have donated a ULTRA-WIDE 82° EYEPIECE KIT


  • 3 Piece Kit: 7mm (1.25″ Barrel), 15mm (1.25″), 23mm (2″)
  • 82° Ultra-Wide Field of View
  • Long Comfortable Eye Relief
  • Multi-Layered Anti-Reflection Coating
  • Soft Rubber Eyecups for Comfortable Viewing
  • Comes with Storage Case
  • Covered by 5 Year Australian Limited Warranty


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Skywatcher Evoguide

Skywatcher have donated an EVOGUIDE ED50


Sky-Watcher’s new 50mm ED Guidescope with ED lenses and low dispersion 50mm diameter.
The 31.8mm ring focuser allows you to use the Evoguide ED50 both as a finder and as a guide telescope, in fact it is equipped with a T2 thread to allow the attachment to most of the driving and shooting cameras on the market. It is obviously compatible with 31.8mm eyepieces. The Evoguide ED50 is equipped with collimated rings, each with 3 nylon tipped screws. The Evoguide ED50 has a Vixen mini bar, compatible with the majority of commercially available bases.
Ideal as a high quality finder and guide telescope.

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Skywatcher Wifi Adapter

Skywatcher have donated a WI-FI ADAPTER


Give your Sky-Watcher GOTO mount WiFi capability with the plug-in Wifi Adapter. Connect the mount to the SynScan App using the adapter.  Also works with SkySafari Software (Sky Safari 6 Plus & Sky Safari 6 Pro).

The SynScan Point and Go feature simplifies the GOTO process. Simply point your phone to the part of the sky you want your telescope to point, press the button,and the telescope will automatically move to the location you pointed to. It will then list all the objects in the neighbourhood.

Works with all the SynScan GOTO capable mounts:

  • Star Discovery
  • Star Explorer
  • Collapsible GOTO Dobsonian
  • StarGate GOTO Dobsonian
  • Equatorial Pro
  • AZGT Pro
  • EQ8 Pro
  • EQ3 Pro
  • EQ5 Pro
  • GT Series AZ-EQ5 GOTO
  • HEQ5 Pro GOTO


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EQ6 Pier

A private donor has offerred a locally made in Brisbane by C&G.

Brand new, pier to suit EQ6 mount, hollow 900Lx140 (diam) aluminium tube ready to fill with sand; plus shaped ragbolt cage for reinforcing the concrete foundation (concrete not supplied). Height of pier including EQ6 mounting plate is 97cms.





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